10 aprile, 2010

Birthday Sale!!!!

Mystique's little angel is 4 now!!!!!! Come and celebrate with them!!!!!!!!
Here: http://www.oscraps.com/shop/home.php?cat=355&treem=1

"My Biggest Wish" + Freebies by Mystique Designs

Hello!!!! This is the new amazing kit by Mystique Designs called "My Biggest Wish". Kit includes: 80 elements, 9 papers, 6 WA and you can find it 20%OFF @ Oscraps here:

You can also find this wonderful QP's Album here:
BDS's closing!!!!!!

"The Nanny" by Joelle Design

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!! This is the new wonderful kit by Joelle called "The Nanny". Kit includes: 54 elements, 16 papers and you can find it @ SDD here:

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RAK for TARA!!!!

"Butterflyz" + Freebies by Mystique Designs

Hellooooooo!!!!! This is the new super sweet kit by Mystique Designs called "Butterflyz". Kit includes: 60 elements, 8 papers and you can find it @ Oscraps here:

And this wonderful QP's Album here:

And these are the FREEBIES you can find on her blog:

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My Niece Stella!!!

"April Garden" by Albina Design

This is the new fabulous kit by Albina Design called "April Garden". Kit includes: 121 elements, 12 papers, 6 clusters and you can find it @ Digital-Crea here:
And @ Scrapbird here:

Clusters are included if you buy the kit!
Or you can choose to buy them separetely in her stores!!!

And you can also find the QP's Album in her stores!!!

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"The Birth of Spring" by Cali & JoeGdesign

Hello!!! This is the new collab kit by Cali & JoeGdesign called "The Birth of Spring". Kit includes: 106 elements, 21 papers and you can find it 25%OFF @ DMS here:

03 aprile, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

I wish to all my visitors and followers,
a GREAT HAPPY EASTER with your families and friends!!!!

02 aprile, 2010

"A Strange Fairytale" Collab Kit By Cali & Scrapofangel

Helloooooo!!!!!!! This is the new amazing collab kit by Cali & Scrapofangel called " A Strange Fairytale". Kit includes: 113 elements and 34 papers and you can find it 25%OFF @ BDS here:

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