27 febbraio, 2010

Not only Scrap........

Well, when I've decided to open this blog, I thought to show what I love to do....... And I often show it with Digi-Scrap, but there are other things, soooo..... This is the 1st one!!!! I really love to create plants and flowers with beads!!!!! Yesterday evening I've finished this white orchid. It's for a friend o'mine, she asked me to do it for her. Hope she likes it!!!!!!! In future I'll show more things..... It takes a lot of time to do them so it will be not so often but.......

New Award!!!!!

Ooooooh, I'm so happy!!!!!!! I've received this super sweet award from Jootje - http://shabby-villa.blogspot.com !!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE!!!!!!

1. Tell us 10 things that make you happy.
2. Give this award to 10 other people.
Ok, my 10 things are:
1. My Family
2. My great love!!!
3. My friends
4. The Digiscrap
5. Decoupage
6. Painting
7. Photography
8. Go out for a walk
9. Pray
10. Listen lot of music
And I give this award to:

26 febbraio, 2010

CT Call for Mystique Designs!!!!

To apply: brydka@gmail.com

"I Got You Babe..." + Freebie by Mystique Designs

Hello, hello!!!!!!! This is the new amazing kit by Mystique Designs called "I Got You Babe..."!!!! Kit includes: 66 elements, 8 papers and you can find it 20% Off @ Oscraps here:

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Big Sales for Albina Design

New CU by Joelle Designs!!!!!

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"Island of Funny Pirates" By Albina Designs

This is the new fabulous kit by Albina Designs called "Island of Funny Pirates"!!! Kit includes: 50 elements, 9 papers and you can find it @ Digital-Crea here:
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"Golden Moment" By Studio Alana

Hello, hello!!!! This is the new wonderful kit by Studio Alana called "Golden Moment"!!!!! Kit includes: 51 elements, 9 papers and you can find it @ SBG here:

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22 febbraio, 2010

"Sea of Love" + Add-ons + Freebie by Urban Mermaid Designs!!!

Hello, hello!!!! This is the new wonderful kit by Urban Mermaid Designs called "Sea of Love". Kit includes: 72 elements, 18 papers, 1 Alpha and you can find it 25% OFF @ Scrapdish here:

19 febbraio, 2010

"Sweet Home..." + Freebie by Mystique Designs

Hellooooooo!!!!! This is the new wonderful kit by Mystique Designs called "Sweet Home...". Kit includes: 55 elements, 8 papers and you can find it 20% OFF @ Oscraps here:

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15 febbraio, 2010

"Wonderland My Way" + Freebie by Joelle Designs

Hello, hello!!!!!!! Today, I present you the new amazing kit by Joelle Designs called "Wonderland My Way"!!!! It's based on the Alice In Wonderland's novel but it's perfect for all kind of magical pages!!!! Kit includes: 81 elements, 8 papers and you can find it @ SDD here:

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